Third Tower Montale

The Third Tower with octagonal plant is called Montale. In the XIII century it was a fortress separated from the other two fortresses. It assumed a great importance during the battles San Marino fought against the Malatesta family, lords of Rimini, who held the close castle of Fiorentino. Until the XVI century, a bell signaled dangers and the transit of wanderers, from whom the payment of a toll was demanded. Destroyed in 1479 the Castle of Fiorentino and declined the Malatesta power, the Montal was abandoned. Today, the interior contains a vault, where the access is only from the high.

From the Third Tower it is possible to come down, arriving to the Kursaal Congress Centre (1950), built to hold the Casino. In 1950, in fact, San Marino aspired to increase the tourist flows also through the activities of the gambling house, which ceased its activity in 1951 following a specific agreement signed with Italy. Today the Kursaal, restored in 2002, is the most prestigious congress centre in the territory. The left wing of the Centre is the seat of the Gendarmeria (the Gendarmerie), in the right part of the building is located San Marino RTV, the radio television of the Republic of San Marino.