First Tower Guaita

The First Tower or Guaita, dating back to the XI century, rises on the mount called Guaita that, in local dialect, means “to guard”. The Guaita is an unadorned fortress, and the restoration works that occurred in 1475, 1481, 1615 and 1623 didn’t make lose its primitive roughness. It has any foundations, it stands directly on the stone of the Mount. It has octagonal plant and in the XVI century had its drawbridge. The inner circle of walls is delimited by the bell tower, from which the Campanone (big bell) announces the convocations of the Great and General Council, the elections of the Captains Regent and civil and religious feasts.

The path from the First to the Second Tower offers a wonderful and unique landscape through the Passo delle Streghe (Witches Pass), that is one of the medieval walls great tower reconstructed in the Thirties of the XX century. 



Salita alla Rocca


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